Rationale for Changing the List of Names

As the English translation filmed at frame 0400 says, the fifth name in the list of children at frame 0363 is pretty much "illegible." You can view a scan of frame 0363 here, and a close-up of the fifth name here.

Whoever did this translation guessed that it might be "Ernest," and family histories and my original transcription followed this. However, I now believe that a better reading of the name is "raehl Leibergarin", meaning Rahel or Rachel Lyberger, for the following reasons:

  • We haven't found any other references to a son named "Ernst" or "Ernest."
  • The surname ends with the German feminine suffix "-in", and a son's name wouldn't (compare the surname used with the second name, Anna Maria Leibergarin).
  • Rachael, daughter of Nicholas Lyeberger & Catherine, was born 3 Dec 1797 and baptized 14 Mar 1798 at Wills Creek, Londonderry Twp., Bedford County, PA, by the Evangelical Lutheran pastor from Berlin, Somerset County, PA; sponsors were Christopher Ball & Rahel. [See Ezra C. Saylor, trans., Births and Baptisms of ... Reformed and Lutheran Church Records of Berlin, Somerset County, Pennsylvania (Berlin, PA: n.p., 1929), page 151]. Compare the birth date of 5 Dec 1797 for the fifth name.
  • A daughter "Rachael" is named as an heir in Nicholas Lybarger's will, made 16 Dec 1825 and proved 22 Feb 1836 [see Erie County, PA, Will Book A: 108].
  • "Rachael Soper" of Springfield Twp., Erie County, PA, deeded two acres on 2 Aug 1836 to Perry Devore of Springfield Twp., the land coming from her father Nicholas Lybarger's estate [recorded 30 Sep 1836 in Erie County, PA, Deed Book I: 486].
  • In summary, the fifth name is basically illegible. It doesn't seem to begin with a capital letter, but the last three letters of the given name are probably "ehl", making "raehl" for "Rahel/Rachel" a better reading than "Ernst" for the reasons cited above.

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