Periodical Source Index (PERSI
Article Copying Service

Let the staff of Heritage Pathways find and copy the articles you want from PERSI using the resources available at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana! 

Request as many articles indexed in PERSI as you like using the following form. Print the form using your Web browser as many times as needed to fill your request (use the Clear PERSI Request button to clear the form for entering a new request).

You may also request articles by printing them from the PERSI CD-ROM. Just be sure to include the 4-letter PERSI code with each request.

Your article copies will be delivered to you within five weeks. Requests are also accepted by phone, fax, or e-mail. 

Our fee for this service is: 

  • $5.00 postage and handling, pre-paid 
  • $1.00 research fee per article requested, pre-paid 
  • $0.20 per page copied, to be billed to you
NOTE: $1.00 from each order will be donated to the Periodical Source Indexing Project at the Allen County Public Library.

Please copy this PERSI article:

Title of Article
Title of Periodical
4-Letter PERSI Code Volume Number Month Year

Please make check payable to Heritage Pathways, Inc.

This is my contact information:


Use your browser to print this form. Mail it to:

Heritage Pathways
P.O. Box 13485
Fort Wayne, IN 46869-3485

Questions? Email us or call (260) 627-3685

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