Jennifer Doerflein Hines & Dawne Slater-Putt, CG

Dawne Slater-Putt, CG, and Jennifer Doerflein Hines, owners of Heritage Pathways, Inc., will travel to deliver the lectures included on this page. Charges are $100 plus expenses (travel, lodging, meals) per lecture.* Each lecture includes visual aids and handout material. The sponsoring organization will be provided with a master copy of the handout material for one-time duplication for lecture attendees.

*Charges are $75 plus mileage only for a lecture within 50 miles (one way) of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

For Beginners

  • The Ten Commandments of Genealogical Research. Thou shalt cite thy sources, etc. For beginners.
  • Climbing the Family Tree Can Be Fun! For elementary school-aged children. Special emphasis on oral history and sharing stories with family members.


  • Choosing a Genealogy Computer Program.
  • Genealogy & the Internet for Beginners Only Ö Techies Need Not Attend! Weíre beginners, too. Let us show you what we have found using laymanís terms, and tell you about the latest book sources about genealogy and the Internet.

Indiana Topics

  • Hunting For Hoosiers: Indiana Research. An overview of records and resources.
  • Indiana and the Other Big Ten: A Sporting Look at Ten Great Hoosier Sources. A look at some humorous examples from some of Indianaís best sources.
  • Where Did They Come From & Where Did They Go? Indiana Migration Routes. Common routes in and out of the state, with emphasis on community migration.


  • Genealogical Research at the Allen County Public Library. Get the scoop from former employees of the Historical Genealogy Department.
  • Going to Salt Lake City. After more than fifteen trips, we have learned some tips and tricks weíd like to share.
  • In the Library: Helping Patrons Help Themselves. For librarians who help genealogists.
  • Making the Most of a Library Visit. Save time, effort and frustration by preparing ahead. This is a blueprint for posturing yourself for the best research trip possible.
  • Why Fort Wayne? History of the Allen County Public Libraryís Historical Genealogy Department. Why this fantastic collection in a mid-sized Midwestern city? The various collection development schemes comprise a fascinating story.


  • Dead People Are Easier: Twentieth Century Research. What to do when the indexes stop and the censuses have not yet been released.
  • Donít Leave Home Without It Ö At All! Armchair Research. Gather some special sources and hone your letter-writing skills.
  • Organizing Genealogical Materials. Some encouraging words about ridding your genealogy area of clutter.
  • Scaling the Brick Wall. Some ideas to try when all else has failed and that brick wall looms high.


  • County Histories: Beyond the Basics. A look beyond the everyname index and the biographical sketches.
  • Discovering the Census. For beginners. An overview of what each census contains and tips for using this basic, helpful source.
  • Donít Stop with the Death Record! Other Records Generated at Death. A discussion of funeral home records, church burial records, cemetery records, burial permits, and more.
  • Genealogical Periodicals: An Underutilized Resource. Often periodicals print indexes and abstracts to records that are published in no other location. How to tap this fantastic resource.
  • The Good, the Bad & the Lucky of Census Research. A look at what you might find if the census taker didnít follow directions. Also hints for using the census completely and utilizing it as a jumping-off point to other records.
  • Land Records: Much More than Grantors and Grantees. Not just land was mentioned in deed books. A look at the surprising amount of other information that can be found.
  • Memorial Masterpieces: Deciphering and Appreciating Tombstone Art. Carvings often had special significance. The style of the stone can help date it, even if the description has eroded.
  • Probate Records: Beyond the Basics. Not just wills! Guardianships, family relationships, migration information, etc.
  • Using the Periodical Source Index for Research. Hear about it from a former Periodical Source Index project supervisor.
  • "Visiting in the Vicinity This Week Ö" Newspaper Research. Using newspapers to bring your ancestors to life.


  • Editorís Note: Considerations for Periodical Editors. Dos and Doníts.
  • Sugar-Coating the Pill: Composing a Family Newsletter Aimed at Non-Genealogists. How to blend past with present almost painlessly.
  • MESS to MS: Writing a Family History from Your Notes. You donít have to be organized to begin writing! You donít have to begin with your immigrant ancestor!


  • Higher Education for Genealogists. Certification, home study programs, institutes, independent study.
  • Names: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous. A sometimes humorous look at what parents do to their children, and why.
  • Nurture the Twigs: Keeping Living Generations Close. Donít you wish your ancestors had Ö published a family newsletter Ö sent round-robin letters Ö made a family quilt Ö written Christmas form letters? You can.
  • Teaching Genealogy to Young People. Ways to get young people enthusiastic about discovering their family history.


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